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This wiki site came into existence to document alleged self-plagiarism by Bruno S. Frey, many of them together with coauthors. For now, these pages serve as a platform to document plagiarism in economics.

In 2011, suspicion of self-plagarism by Frey arose through the discussion of four very similar articles about the Sinking of the Titanic published in renowned international journals. Shortly after these accusations arose, discussions broke out on the Economics Job Market Rumors forum about alleged self-plagiarism in few of Frey's papers. Some of these papers are single-author studies while most are co-authored. You find a list of these coauthors below. In the meantime, Frey and two of his coauthors climbed up to the RePEc list of plagiarism offenders.

A software useful in finding copied parts of articles is

Suspicious articles by Bruno S. Frey[]

A few of these articles do cite each other. But it is still important to list these to illustrate the extent of re-publishing known results.

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